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Michael Deertz

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

Ask me about

Full-Stack Development, Test-Driven Development, Agile Software Sevelopment, Functional Design, Linux Administration

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

"When I was young, my family had a Commodore 64. I spent hours playing games and fumbling around with BASIC. Then, as a teenager, I discovered Linux and became fascinated with how an operating system is constructed, and with the idea of software developed in the open, as a community."

Projects & Roles

Campaign Finance Technology

Performed data maintenance for a campaign fundraising platform.

Fashion E-commerce

Implemented product search for a children's fashion brand, while improving overall site performance by several times.

Delivery E-commerce

Developed tooling and services to enable ultra-fast product delivery from a variety of retail locations.


Developed user interface for a derivatives trading platform.

Sports Team Management

Built out a front-end web application for managing youth sports teams.


Home Town

Palmer, NE (hometown)

Current Town

Queens, NY (current city)


University of Nebraska

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Languages & Technologies

TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux, RxJS, Testing Library, Python, Django, Flask, C#, .NET, Node, HTML/CSS, Nginx, SQL, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Ruby, Rails

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