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Stephen Petrina

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

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Front-end Development, Back-end Development, iOS App Development, Troubleshooting, Building An MVP, How to Communicate with your Engineers

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

"My interest first began when I was 10, when my parents brought home our first computer (Gateway 2000). I started by exploring every folder I could navigate through looking for games, pictures, and sound files to play with. Over time, I eventually started creating my own games, artwork, and audio, as well as teaching myself programming languages. The ability to create and do anything I could dream up is what drew me in and keeps me interested and active to this day."

Projects & Roles


Developed an iOS application in Swift with Rails API and a React administrative interface from scratch.

Media and Technology

Upgraded a significantly outdated Rails application to a more modern state and set up the application deployment on a new infrastructure.

Social Media

Built out features for an iOS application using Swift; focused on onboarding, image sharing, and topic subscription flows.

Government Agency

Developed features for and supported a campaign-finance web application, working with Rails and PostgreSQL.


Home Town

Yonkers, NY (hometown)

Current Town

White Plains, NY (current city)


Bachelor of Science, IT Management and Finance, State University of New York At Albany

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Languages & Technologies

Java, Javascript, iOS, Swift, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, Kotlin, Python

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