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Tom Van Dort

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

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Keeping abstractions simple, the .NET Platform, tools to maintain your JavaScript and TypeScript code bases, constructing a better developer tooling experience, and developer setups that work across multiple platforms.

When did you know that you wanted to work in tech?

"My interest in programming was first piqued by a highschool electronics class project. The goal of this project was to get a small 3 wheeled robot wired up with sensors such that it could navigate a small floorplan, find a candle, and finally blow it out. Having not written code previously this felt like a difficult task to complete. After reading through manual that came with the STAMP board that we were using I was finally able to get the robot to turn left in response to waving my hand infront of a sonar sensor mounted to the front of the robot's chassis. That was the moment I knew I was hooked on learning about software development."

Projects & Roles


Bootstrapped the onboarding experience for a financial startup using React, Spring, and a variety of compliance services.


White labeled an existing Ruby on Rails fashion sharing product so that it could be branded by any given company looking to collect feedback on its fashion line.


Created a functioning investor demo for a document review platform in React and Ruby on Rails.

Real Estate

Created a "cross framework" integration in a code base that was switching from Angular to React so that Angular services could be piped into React during migration.

Crypto-currency Finance

Worked closely with the compliance department of a Crypto-currency exchange to ensure that their internal back-office tools met the Department of Finance's expectations.

Later helped rebuild and migrate customer facing trading website, focusing on keeping both platforms fully functional during the transition.


Worked closely with offshore development team to implement multi-language search on learning management platform.

Implemented connections to new learning management system, and supported client transition to new platform.

Provided support to keep platform running near platform's end of life.


Assisted in migrating large corporate client from end of lifed platform to a modern platform by increasing API performance beyond what was documented against a strict timeline.


Worked with client team to plan and begin transition of product suite running on .NET Framework 4.6 to .NET Standard.


Home Town

Howell, NJ (home town)

Current Town

Hoboken, NJ (current city)


A.S. Computer Science from Brookdale Community College

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Languages & Technologies

C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Java, PostgreSQL

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