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Yisselda Rhoc

Senior Software Engineer
A Closer Look

Ask me about

Front-end development, Back-end development, APIs, Platform Architecture, Third-Party Integrations, Agile Software Development, Mobile Apps, Building an MVP, What’s new in SwiftUI

When did you know that you wanted to be a developer?

"One summer, I was building a website for a musician as well as helping around in the recording studio. At that time, I was interested in becoming a sound engineer. I found getting the website up and running and coming up with the creative content so rewarding that I persevered in Computer Science!"

Projects & Roles


Built a multi-platform native iOS app for an IOT device to help patients track their treatments and connect via Bluetooth.

Social Media

Lead the initial architecture of an iOS app and API for a new social media platform allowing people to connect with close friends. Prototyped a solution to test out the new concept.


Lead the build from scratch to first features of an iOS mobile app for shopping assistants and drivers within the supply chain logistics to enable ultra-fast delivery operations.


Home Town

Paris, France (hometown)

Current Town

New York, NY (current city)


Master of Science in Computer Science, Pierre et Marie Curie University

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Languages & Technologies

Ruby, Rails, Swift, Java, C+, Python, Django, React, Redux

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