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A more human product


The Product Co-op is a curated community of experienced product managers where engagement comes first.

Connect directly with product experts

The Product Spot has seasoned professionals on standby, ready to field your questions and get you unstuck.

Grow your community

Networking can be hard. We help you find the right people and get the conversation started.

Get early access!

We're launching soon. Become an early member!

We were tired of unresponsive slack communities, so we set out to build something better.

This is your About section paragraph. It's a great place to give a short introduction about what you do. Define your distinguishing qualities and share them! Consider adding images for extra engagement. 


Who we're looking for...

Experienced professionals

Product managers with a minimum of 4 years experience

With high values

Curious, humble, and collaborative lifelong learners.

Passionate about product

Product lovers who want to grow and give back to their community.

Interactive Networking Events

Engaging virtual events that help you meet others and build your network

Daily Live Q&A

Expert PMs on standby to field questions, lend perspective, and offer advice

Collaborative Workshops

Bring the collective brainpower of a qualified community to your projects

More conversation. More collaboration. More connection.

Become an early member!

Join our product community so that we can help you build yours.

We were tired of unresponsive Slack channels...

so we built a more engaging environment

The value of community is rooted in human experience

That's why our mission is to provide a space where well-versed product people can come together, have direct conversations, and build the meaningful relationships that are essential to a true sense of community.

We were tired of unresponsive product communities...

So, we built something more interactive

A place where "community" isn't just a buzzword

The real value of community is rooted in human experience. That's why our focus at The Product Co-op is to bring professionals together, encourage direct conversations, and cultivate the meaningful relationships that create a true sense of community.

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