Luxury Retail Brand

Def Method developed a private e-commerce online experience during Covid-19, a time when shoppers could not patronize stores in person.

Services Provided

product management

Product Type

E-commerce Web App

Technologies Used

Jira, Invision, Whimsical, Sailthru, Narvar, Adobe

Project Highlights

With Def Method’s Product Management support, the engineering teams delivered the product earlier than expected

The client team improved their estimation practices, definition of the product owner role, and overall engineering collaboration

Def Method put in place agile best practices across multiple non-technical teams, such as stand-ups and retrospectives

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This American luxury fashion brand was established in 2004 and has more than 300 stores globally with independent boutiques as well as outlet locations. The team discovered an opportunity to create a private e-commerce online experience for outlet customers, who could not reach physical outlet locations as a result of COVID-19.


The client team adjusted quickly to COVID-19 through managing each location based upon safety regulations. As a result, they discovered an opportunity to drive sales and decrease inventory from their outlet locations through the development of a new online shopping experience for outlet customers. They hired Def Method to validate, prioritize, and execute against this opportunity, with a new approach to product development.


We conducted a collaborative series of workshops to develop a technically feasible solution, along with a phase 1 development roadmap and a prioritized feature backlog. We created these deliverables by creating a feature analysis of e-commerce competitors, customer personas for the outlet shopper and analyzing product feedback from user testing.

We aligned on a sprint schedule across multiple engineering teams. This sprint schedule supported an operational timeline for the creative teams supporting the delivery. We created an opportunity for collaboration across all teams with a bi-weekly stakeholder meeting where we reviewed product updates, requirement changes, as well as sprint progress.

User testing was conducted throughout the project creating a consistent feedback loop. Our iterations created an intuitive solution that created user excitement and trust.


Def Method managed the development of a private e-commerce online experience during Covid-19, a time when shoppers could not patronize stores in person. While delivering this product ahead of schedule, Def Method product leadership improved the team’s development practices and collaboration.