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Digital product innovation for Fintech companies

“Def Method was able to build a complex system on top of complex architecture, and it’s been working without a hitch. The actual true quality of work they project is unlike any other firm I’ve seen. It made the decision to bring them back very easy. We know they’ll do great work.”

Emily Pirnack
Emily Pirnack
Head of Product, Orum

Def Method understands the challenges of finance and fintech companies. Regulatory compliance, reporting, and robust data security and fraud prevention are critical to continuing operations. Integrating with legacy systems and modernizing platforms to scale and leverage new technology are necessary to remain competitive. Within the competitive financial landscape, products must be designed to create trust and confidence with the customer, and drive retention. Def Method works with finance and fintech companies to solve these problems and deliver the right solutions.

We have helped companies automate and simplify the process of AML and KYC checks, set up data reporting systems that pull data from various sources to facilitate audits, and modernized reporting systems, reducing the reliance on engineering to obtain necessary financial data.


Delivering healthy, robust products in Healthcare

“Def Method really considered the problem we needed to solve. They are critical thinkers. They ensured the right thing was built and it was very successful.”

Adam Szatrowski
Adam Szatrowski
Head of Engineering, Resilience Health

Healthcare companies operate in a field with numerous different players - hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and insurance providers. Integrating data and achieving interoperability across different platforms allows healthcare companies to generate value for their customers. Behind the scenes they must adhere to the regulatory and data privacy needs of the industry. When it comes to consumers, encouraging user adoption and ensuring long-term engagement can be a challenge. Def Method, through its customer-centric focus, has helped healthcare companies address these business problems.

Def Method has launched healthcare tech companies by spinning up the first version of their product, building secured patient intake forms, and connecting bluetooth enabled medical devices to mobile apps. Def Method has the experience to tackle your healthcare tech challenge.


One-stop shop for your product development needs

“I have used Def Method for 5 different efforts at two different companies because I know I can count on them for high quality work.”

Dave Zaretsky
Dave Zaretsky
CPO, Elias Sports Bureau

Retailers must deliver a great customer experience to ensure business success and put in place the data management that lets them deliver that customer experience. Whether it’s increasing user engagement through seamless UI interactions, personalization, or providing great customer service through backend processes and integrations that manage supply chain, inventory and support logistics, the retail industry must deliver to stay ahead of the competition. Def Method is an excellent partner in evaluating your retail process, identifying areas of improvement and then solving them through a combination of internal and external user research, developing a data platform and understanding the nuances of your industry and developing solutions that drive engagement.

Getting customer experience right is the key to revenue generation in Retail. Def Method can help create a better experience through personalization, setting up a seamless process through omnichannel integration, optimizing backend processes, or enabling data insights that leverage advanced analytics to stay ahead of competition.