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Elias Sports Bureau, Game Plan

Def Method worked with the Elias team to develop a first iteration of Elias Game Plan, a sports app for game-day insights, player & teams stats, and betting data.

Leading Social Media Company

Def Method supported a suite of design tools, optimizing resources by addressing the most important challenges with innovative solutions.

Center for NYC Neighborhoods, FloodHelpNY

Def Method transformed complex FEMA forms to simple online surveys to help middle- and working-class families source reliable information about flood insurance.


Def Method validated a solution to increase user retention, laying the foundation for development work.

Luxury Retail Brand

Def Method developed a private e-commerce online experience during Covid-19, a time when shoppers could not patronize stores in person.

Elias Sports Bureau, Graphics Library

Def Method built a new system to support the graphics displayed on the lower third and half of your television screen during NBA and NHL broadcasts. 


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