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Joe Leo

Joe brings his mix of engineering muscle, business acumen, enthusiasm for challenges, and technical leadership to the helm of Def Method. Before founding DM, Joe spent over a decade as a developer delivering high-quality software solutions spanning government, education, finance and e-commerce. He is also co-author of The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Third Edition. Outside of the office, he has helped to build the NYC developer community as lead organizer of GORUCO, a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the New York Founding, and an instructor at General Assembly.

CEO, Founder

Paul Ort

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Isabelle Berner

Director of Product and Design

CEO, Founder

Jenn Imamura

Director of Business Development

CEO, Founder

Def Method Leadership


Joe Leo

Joe is the founder and CEO of Def Method. He combines his engineering experience, business acumen, and proclivity for challenges to his leadership practice. Before founding DM, Joe worked with teams of every size and configuration to deliver high-quality software solutions across government, education, finance, and e-commerce. With a love of service and a commitment to his clients’ success, Joe enjoys discussing technical team management, implementing process improvements, and rescuing wayward software projects. Outside of work, he loves going on “adventures” with his five-year-old daughter, Lucy, and experiencing everything New York City has to offer.

Founder & CEO

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Paul Ort

Paul leads Engineering at Def Method. He is committed to the pursuit of technical excellence and the evolving of systems and teams through incremental improvement. Paul has extensive experience in full-stack web and native mobile development, and is increasingly focused on infrastructure automation and engineering workflow simplification. A classically trained violinist and pianist, Paul is fascinated by concepts and techniques of practice, and is exploring ways to apply them to knowledge work generally and software engineering skills in particular. Outside of work, he enjoys reading broadly, thinking by writing, and taking long walks.

Chief Technology Officer

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Denise Williams

Denise is the VP of Finance at Def Method.  She has a background in accounting, management information systems and back office operations.  She is passionate about demystifying financial information & driving thoughtful business decisions through insightful data.  Her hobbies include kickboxing, volunteering at the local animal shelter and experimenting with new recipes.

VP of Finance

    Jason Keramidas

    Jason has over 20 years of experience conceptualizing and delivering Internet products that drive business growth. He has a proven ability to quickly grasp the nuances of varied industries and translate that learning into strategic initiatives. He has an extensive track record of driving aggressive implementation through agile development methodologies toward ambitious business goals. He is exceptionally comfortable in entrepreneurial environments that require a combination of long-term vision and rapidly translating a concept into reality. he has received his BA from Pomona College in 1995, and an MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship from NYU Stern in 2006.

    VP of Product

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    We are committed to serving our clients through the delivery of valuable custom software. We follow lightweight, humanistic principles that prioritize agility over prescribed methodology. 

    Def History

    Founded in 2014, Def Method pairs agile development with best practices in management consulting to deliver high-quality custom software. We are flexible to our clients’ needs, realizing that software projects are expensive and complex and require discipline in order to deliver value. By focusing on both product and process, Def Method can help you build something great.

    Headquartered in New York


    Years in Business


    Full-time employees
    Committed to collaboration

    A software project is innately complex and requires a high degree of interaction between people. Great technology is built through well-orchestrated human engagement, and the product, design and engineering teams must work together daily with business owners and leaders in order to optimize outcomes. At Def Method, our team prioritizes communication and collaboration, creating an environment that supports individuals and fosters strong teams.


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    At Def Method, our team prioritizes communication and collaboration, creating an environment that supports individuals and fosters strong teams.

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